3 Benefits of Issuing Visitor Badges


Needless to say, everybody is concerned with security in today’s world. From access control to CCTV installations, most businesses, hospitals, or schools are taking preventative measures in order to ensure the safety and protection of their assets. However, most of these entities tend to forget about those who walk through their doors on a daily basis to conduct business in their premises.

Visitor management is a term that continues to be increasingly linked with the security industry. Through the use of either a simple check in/check out system or expiring badges, organizations can rest assured that they are in touch with who is coming and going through their doors. From pre-registration modules accounting for attendees at a meeting to the receptionist handing out an expiring badge at the organization’s front desk, the importance of visitor management cannot be overstated. ID Badges can be printed at EasyIDcard. Below, therefore, we take a look at 3 benefits of issuing visitor badges/cards in businesses, schools, and hospitals as follows:

1. Creation of a more secure environment

Access cards are widely acknowledged as a highly effective prevention strategy for violence at the workplace while proximity (smart) cards are commonly used in limiting access to buildings, rooms, and grounds. From a security standpoint, a student or staff member in a school, business, or hospital would need to pass the card over a reader in order to access a door or gate.

2. Avoid security breaches

Thousands of visitors, patients, and vendors walk the hallways of hospitals in America every day. And as facilities continue to shift towards electronic file keeping systems, this has resulted in increased security breaches- with recent studies indicating that more than 2 million Americans have been victims of medical identity theft, costing the health sector over $28 billion in damages. Requiring ID cards for all staff as well as protecting classified information from access through the use of proximity cards shores up security. An ID card system can also be used in the creation of vendor and visitor ID badges in addition to creating your own security reports for consistent monitoring or as a reference point should an incident occur.

3. Safety in schools, hospitals, and businesses

Mandatory ID badges for faculty and college students are more common than for high school or middle school students. However, a case has been made for their use in elementary or secondary schools as research has shown that they:

  • Are more inviting than security guards, metal detectors, and video cameras
  • Are relatively inexpensive
  • Help in creating a safer environment
  • Make it possible to address other teachers and students personally
  • Enhance school spirit
  • Decrease indiscipline by identifying students accurately
  • Integrate easily with related school programs such as food service and library access.

In addition, the use of visitor badges is vital in the day-to-day operation of school grounds. Identifying visitors by a check in/check out system that includes name tags allows for thorough and rigorous documentation of who is on an organization’s premises, for how long, and why. This can be easily achieved with pre-designed visitor lanyards and badges or with log-in binders.